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With the Tide - MDT into the Future
4 - 6 September 2015

Copenhagen, Denmark

The 13th International Conference in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy was held in September 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark, attracting 470 delegates from 32 countries. 

Robin McKenzie worked tirelessly ‘against the tide’ over his lifetime, introducing his concepts and principles and contributing in such a dramatic way to the management of patients with musculoskeletal problems. The conference title “With the Tide - MDT into the Future” was a tribute to Robin McKenzie and reflected the changes that have transpired as a result of his influence, not only in regards to the development and dissemination of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, but in the much wider context of conservative care. His legacy will continue to impact on the way musculoskeletal conditions are managed and most importantly will continue to benefit patients throughout the world, long into the future.

The conference explored some key issues and developments in musculoskeletal research and related the implications directly to clinical practice. The participants were exposed to the presentation of research, panel debates, patient demonstrations, discussions and poster presentations that were broad ranging, appealing not just to MDT clinicians, but to other healthcare professionals, researchers and policy makers.

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