MII Dip. MDT Membership Application

The McKenzie Institute is offering all our diplomates membership in our Alumni Association.

Membership benefits will include:

  • an association with the Institute, its faculty and its educational program
  • an opportunity for continued professional development in MDT
  • a link to a network of people with an interest in MDT
  • a platform to receive educational updates
  • a platform to discuss clinical questions
  • an opportunity to participate in MDT research projects
  • an opportunity for involvement in educational projects being conducted by the MII Education Council
  • reduced fees for attendance at MII Conferences
MII reserves the right to refuse or rescind membership for reasons that will be discussed should this be the outcome of your application.

Before proceeding with this application, please read the CODE OF CONDUCT

Contact Details

Relevant Professional Information

What involvement have you had in MII Head Office or Branch activities?
Please indicate areas of the Institute’s activities that you may like to be involved in: