2016 Volume 5, No.1

Feature Commentary

McKenzie Institute Chiropractic Branch

The McKenzie Institute International launched the Chiropractic Branch in 2014. It was the first Branch designated specifically for a health care profession versus a country. The Branch was created to further the Institute’s mission of providing training to qualified health care professionals to better serve the public. In a number of countries around the world, there are inherent challenges with allowing chiropractors to attend a country branch’s credentialing courses. In addition, in many jurisdictions, the Branches are unable to provide continuing education credit (for license renewal) for chiropractors.

Case Review - A Clinician's Perspective

Management of a Hip Derangement presenting with a positive Flexion Adduction, Internal Rotation (FADIR) Impingement Test

A case review for a patient presenting for R hip pain. Hip joint pain is a common symptom that frequently causes patients to seek consultation in physical therapy. Read about how this case highlights the importance of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) in the management of nonarthritic hip joint pain.

Literature Review 1

Summary and Perspective of Recent Literature

Apeldoorn, A et al. 2016. The influence of centralization and directional preference on spinal control in patients with nonspecific low back pain. JOSPT.

Literature Review 2

Summary and Perspective of Recent Literature

Otéro, J, Bonnet, F. 2014. Lombalgie: prévalence des syndromes McKenzie et des préférence directionnelles. (Low back pain: Prevalence of McKenzie's syndromes and directional preferences) Kinesitherapie; 14(145), 36–44.