2017 Volume 6, No.1

Feature Commentary

Journey Through the MDT Diploma Program

I decided to contribute my personal experience and journey through the Diploma Program with this platform hoping that any clinicians pondering through the same questions may find some answers!

International Spotlight

The People Who Never Heard of McKenzie

Typically, if you ask a room full of therapists what their opinion is of the McKenzie Method, you know what responses to expect. Some enthusiastically raise the banner or demonstrate respectful admiration. Others roll eyes or roll up their sleeves preparing for a therapeutic approach slugfest. But in Guatemala the response is fundamentally different – blank stares.

A Clinician's Perspective

The Key is in the Classification: A Clinician’s Perspective of the Largest MDT Case Series Studying Directional Preference of the Wrist

Citation: Maccio JR, Carlton L, Fink S, Ninan C, Van Vranken C, Beise G, McGowan C, Maccio JG, Tranquillo J. Directional Preference of the wrist: a preliminary study. J Man Manip Ther. 2017;1-7. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/10669817.2017.1283767

Literature Review 1

Summary and Perspective of Recent Literature

Otéro J, Bonnet F. 2016. Cervicalgie: Prévalence des syndromes McKenzie et des préférences directionnelles. (Neck pain: Prevalence of McKenzie's syndromes and directional preferences) Kinesitherapie; 14(145):36-44.