2015 Volume 4, No.2

Feature Commentary

Bridging the Gap from Novice to Expert Clinician

When a professor made the following statement to our PT class, I was floored: “The average time it takes to transition from a novice to an expert clinician in the field of physical therapy is six years.”

Subsequently, our professor posed a couple of very poignant questions to discuss in small groups: What can you do to shorten that timeframe? What can be done to bridge the gap between novice and expert clinician? These questions were meant to be thought provoking, to elicit a sense of motivation, and to promote an interest in professional development from the very beginning of our foray into the world of physical therapy - and for me, the questions did just that.

Guest Commentary

2016 MDT Americas Conference: Destination Miami!

Attention MDT clinicians! Mark your calendars for August 5-7, 2016 for the 2016 MDT Americas Conference! The luxurious Intercontinental Hotel on Biscayne Bay in the beautiful, cosmopolitan city of Miami, Florida will host our conference.

Case Review - A Clinician's perspective

Benefits of Thoracic Extension Procedures with a Stubborn Cervical Derangement

With lots of research supporting manual therapy applied to the thoracic spine for neck pain and radiculopathy1,2,3, the MDT thoracic procedures can be beneficial when cervical procedures have provided minimal or no improvement. This case report supports implementation of thoracic procedures with a patient that displays signs and symptoms consistent with left C5/6 radiculopathy.

Literature Reviews

Summary and Perspective of Recent Literature

Matsudaira K. Et al. (2015). Can standing back extension exercise improve or prevent low back pain in Japanese care workers? Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy;

Literature Reviews

Summary and Perspective of Recent Literature

Rosu OM, Ancuta C. (2014). McKenzie training in patients with early stages of ankylosing spondylitis: results of a 24-week controlled study. European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine. June; 51(3) 261-8

Business and Marketing Corner

Marketing MDT to Hotels in Your Area

To have a continuous flow of business into my private practice, I know that I always need to think of new ways to market my services. Since most patients usually only see me for less than eight visits, I have to be creative in attracting and exploring new avenues all the time.