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Marketing MDT to Hotels in Your Area

To have a continuous flow of business into my private practice, I know that I always need to think of new ways to market my services. Since most patients usually only see me for less than eight visits, I have to be creative in attracting and exploring new avenues all the time.

I recently had the opportunity to speak to the staff at a major Miami Beach hotel property about mechanical neck and back pain. The hotel employees, just like any other employees, often feel mechanical pains while on and off the job. I figured that if I could help those employees, they may, in turn, mention my name to hotel guests experiencing similar pain.

I had previously treated an individual in upper management that provided the perfect “in”. We met, reviewed the need he had to educate his staff about common mechanical pains, and set a date. The talk was 45 minutes long and was followed up by a 15 min Q&A session. The employees liked the fact that their boss was concerned with their well-being!

Since my talk, I have received referrals bringing in four hotel guests and two additional hotel employees. Conveniently, the hotel is a short walking distance from my office.

I encourage you to consider any hotels in your area to visit to make an introduction to the manager on duty and offer that you would like to do a “lunch and learn” for the staff.

Remember, you are offering an added value (MDT!) to any hotel concierge’s list of recommendations.  There are multiple hotels in the Miami Beach area where tourists, after long flights, airline delays, etc., suffer pain that is mechanical in nature. Guests don’t know what to do, most hotels don’t have a “go to” person to direct their guests to, and often, all they book is a massage.

Make yourself known to a few of the hotels nearest to you. If you educate the hotel management and staff in what you do, you might find that a new stream of referrals comes your way.

To help you get new business from hotels in your area, I would recommend:

  1. Research who the Human Resources person or General Manager is at the hotel.
  2. Ask to have a meeting with that person to educate them about your unique approach using a safe, efficient mechanical evaluation and how MDT can help their staff and guests.
  3. During that meeting, bring a few “gifts” (lumbar roll, TYOB / TYON or both).
  4. Ask to do a free educational talk once or twice a year for the staff i.e., “Understanding Lower Back Pain and Sciatica”, “Pain in the neck?” or “Key Points in Prevention of Lower Back Pain and Neck Pain While on the Job”.
  5. Create an enticing PowerPoint presentation with great pictures that explains mechanical pain (For more information on this topic, please reference:  How to Create a Successful MDT Clinic by Marketing to the Public, December 2013)
  6. Make a projector and a screen are available for you to use. Get a slide changer with a laser pointer.
  7. Bring a few spine models.
  8. Leave 15 minutes for Q&A at the end of the talk and give EVERYONE your business cards.
  9. Leave the concierge and front desk staff PLENTY of your business cards.
  10. Remember to visit the hotel and fill the stash of cards every two months.

Wishing you great success! I hope this marketing idea will generate new leads for you. Should you need more help or have any questions - feel free to email me at