Third Annual MDT Seminar Day being hosted in Greece - 9/2/2018

The McKenzie Institute Hellas-Cyprus is pleased to announce it is once again hosting an Annual MDT Seminar Day. This will be the third time this event is being held and it is dedicated to Robin McKenzie.

It will be a day full of motivational speakers and presentations with a focus on the individual needs of patients, the encouragement of the clinicians to focus on them and the way this can be achieved will be analysed. The variety of subjects, the high-level speakers and their different approaches will ensure that participants would discover musculoskeletal pain from different aspects, through recent scientific data. 

Event Details

Αμφιθέατρο «Φαίδων Φέσσας» ΓΝΑ Λαϊκό
Αγίου Θωμά 17

Saturday 12 May 2018