Webinar: Low Back Pain - Return to Activity

When is your patient ready to go back to work, to leisure activities, to sports?

In the case of lower extremity injuries and RTA you find a great variety of approaches, tests and algorithms to guide you1,2. Although evidence for injury risk prediction and Return to Activity (RTA) is weak 3, it has gained almost inflationary attention 4-10.

Low Back Pain in athletes is common 11-19 and in many cases it interferes dramatically with athletes’ careers 20. Downtimes after back problems are often longer than after lower extremity injuries 21. Despite its high prevalence, the 2016 Consensus Statement on Return to Sport of 1st World Congress in Sports Physical Therapy in Bern doesn’t even mention Low Back Pain 22. Experts are increasingly questioning whether different approaches in the  management of 'extremities and spine' and 'athletes and non-athletes' really makes sense 23,24.

Since 2015 a group of sport scientists, sports physical therapists and McKenzie clinicians in Germany is working on approach for RTA for patients with LBP. Georg will give some insight into this project and will actively involve the participants of the webinar in the discussion.


Webinar Recording