Webinar: Pelvic Pain Syndrome Challenging the Norm with MDT

MDT has traditionally been used for the assessment and treatment of spinal and extremity musculoskeletal conditions. Pelvic physiotherapy, however, has been thought of as different, specialized, and not appropriate for the use of MDT. Di Wu, a credentialed MDT physiotherapist who has specialized in pelvic physiotherapy, will discuss how treating the pelvic floor is actually quite homologous to treating the extremity; how pathoanatomical diagnoses in this realm are often ambiguous and clinically misleading; how MDT is in fact very relevant and applicable for pelvic-related conditions; the high prevalence of pelvic-related conditions that seem to be of spinal origin in that they respond to spinal loading strategies; and a paradigm shift that makes pelvic-related issues far less intimidating for MDT therapists who lack training in that specialty field. Pelvic Pain Syndrome will be used as a specific example of a common pelvic-related condition, however the above themes can be generalized to other conditions as well.

This webinar is brought to you by the McKenzie Institute International, and will be presented by Di Wu, Cert. MDT, and moderated by Michael Dyck, Dip. MDT. It will last about 75 minutes.