Webinar: The Devil's in the details: variations of traditional MDT loading strategies for effective self-management

During the Part A through D course pathway, a number of spinal loading strategies are introduced, and the concepts of force progressions and force alternatives are explained. However, for various reasons the "standard" loading strategies may not be sufficient to completely manage the breadth of presentations that are encountered in clinical practice. Age, morphology, pregnancy, comorbidities, and other individual factors may require on-the-spot creativity and problem-solving to modify at-home loading strategies in order to obtain satisfactory results. In the current context of telehealth, this is especially important, as clinician-generated forces are no longer an option. There is simply not enough time to discuss all the possible force progressions or alternatives on a standard weekend course, so this webinar will explore and demonstrate a large number of variations, to expand upon the clinician's therapeutic options and inspire creative thinking in the telehealth environment.

This webinar is brought to you by the McKenzie Institute International, and will be presented by Michael Dyck, Dip. MDT, and David Ham, Dip. MDT. It will consist of a video presentation followed by a discussion. 


Loading Strategies Video (as presented during the webinar)